Beach Lifestyle Boutique

Inspired by our beautiful beaches, happy lazy days in the sun, the sea air, the salt in our hair.. Our beach life boutique is evolving...

What started as a fun venture is evolving to bring you the brands we love, each brand has been selected with the vision of creating an effortless beach look. Our brand list will grow, for now we bring you...

Balar jewellery: over cashmere or in our bikinis - vibrant colour pieces layered with hematite and solid silver gives a finished edge to the look. Handmade Jewels for everyday in a quality you'd find hard to match - every piece is handmade by us here in jersey and each design is named after a beach or an event in Jersey.

360 sweater and skull cashmere:  when the sun goes down and it gets a little chilly - we always have one in our bag, whether at the beach, on the plane or just around town. Cashmere with design details you just don't find in other brands. Youthful, fun, yet enduring. Pieces you'll love forever.

Babajaan swimwear - fabulous bikinis and one pieces in beautiful colours. Top end swimwear to make sure you feel your best when the sun is out, complimented by fabulous panama hats. Gorgeous swimwear at it's very best.

66Balar September-8213.JPG

There's a Balar look for everyone.